Warrior, Singer, Seer, Healer, Listener, Voice.

For five hundred years the Seventh World has been ruled by a tyrannical empire — and the mysterious Order of the Spider that hides in its shadow. History and truth are deliberately buried, the beauty and treachery of the past remembered only by wandering Gypsies, persecuted scholars, and a few unusual seekers.

But the past matters, as Maggie Sheffield soon finds out. It matters because its forces will soon return and claim lordship over her world, for good or evil.

An orphan, Maggie’s steps have been dogged by tragedies she’s always seen as disconnected. But when a dying friend appears on her doorstep with proof that the empire is lying about the source of its power — proof in the form of an ancient scroll — she learns that her own tragedies have been part of a deliberate plan to crush the truth. Convinced of the scroll’s importance, Maggie agrees to carry it to the only man who can read it, a scholar who lives across the sea in the eastern reaches of the continent.

Maggie’s journey connects her with rebels and dreamers and makes her the enemy of terrifying shadow creatures and the powers of the empire. And so the past is revealed, and an ancient war begins again, with the Gifted at the heart of it: six individuals whose powerful gifts point to a world beyond their own. The Singer, the Seer, the Healer, the Listener, the Warrior, and the Voice must join together to show their world what is true and what is false — and in the process, to save them all from the evil that lies at their door.

The Seventh World Trilogy is an epic fantasy, beautiful, terrifying, pointing to the realities just beyond the world we see.

“An excellent read, solidly recommended for fantasy readers.” – Midwest Book Review

“A wonderfully realistic fantasy world. Recommended.” – Jill Williamson, Christy-Award-Winning Author of By Darkness Hid

“Epic, beautiful, well-written fantasy that sings of Christian truth.” – Rael, reader

Worlds Unseen, Burning Light, and Coming Day, published by Little Dozen Press, make up Rachel Starr Thomson’s Christian fantasy trilogy. Powerful and poetic, the Seventh World Trilogy takes readers into a world not unlike their own — but after you’ve read this series, you’ll never see your own world the same way again. Christian fantasy fiction is an emerging genre, following in the footsteps of writers like George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Madeline L’Engle. Worlds Unseen is available as a free e-book, so you can experience the beginning of the adventure today.

Let the adventure begin.