Burning Light

When they see beyond the sky,

When they know beyond the mind,

When they hear the song of the Burning Light:

Take these Gifts of My Outstretched Hand,

Weave them together.

I shall come.

After five hundred years of oppression, the Seventh World is beginning to wake to the realities of the unseen world behind their own. The rise of the Gifted, young men and women with uncommon abilities, portends the coming of the King of ancient days . . . but evil is also waking. Aware that their control is beginning to slip, the Order of the Spider sets out to convert the Gifted or destroy them.

Among those caught in the conflict are Nicolas Fisher, a young Gypsy running from the past, and Maggie Sheffield, who seeks a better future. Driven underground in the city of Pravik, Maggie looks to a new world . . . and unearths an ancient one, hidden for centuries from the light. Nicolas must turn and face everything he fears most: his past, love, and especially himself, if he is to save everything he cares about.

In the mountains of the north, a young man named Michael O’Roarke finds new life — and love — in a mysterious young woman called Miracle. But the forces of evil are hard on Miracle’s heels, and only Michael can save her.

As the world takes sides, their lives will play an integral role: in the coming of light, or the triumph of darkness.

Burning Light is the second book in The Seventh World Trilogy.

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Deeper, sadder, and more beautiful. Burning Light is the second book in the Seventh World Trilogy. Here is more epic, beautiful, well-written fantasy that sings of Christian truth. The middle of a series can be a hard book to read and, I expect, to write. But Rachel Starr Thomson has done very well here. This second book in her Seventh World Trilogy is just as exciting, just as full of wonder, and even cranked up a few notches from the first book. It’s much more intense, and dark, and sad. Characters grow miles deeper. Wonderful and horrible new places in the Seventh World are explored. I think even Rachel’s storytelling and word-smithing improved, and that’s saying a lot!” – Rael, a reader

“Excellent Reading. After reading Worlds Unseen, I had to dive into the second right away! It does not disappoint. Rachel continues to expand on themes and her characters grow in maturity and spiritually. Anyone who enjoys Tolkein and C.S. Lewis will enjoy this Trilogy. I can’t wait for the third to be published!” – Shandra R. Wiebe

“Captivating. With a completely surprising and unexpected plot, Burning Light continues The Seventh World Trilogy without skipping a beat. Could not put the book down. I highly recommend this series. I appreciate good-quality Christian fantasy, and The Seventh World Trilogy more than met my expectations.” – CurlyWI

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