Worlds Unseen

Maggie Sheffield’s life has been haunted by seemingly disconnected tragedies, pieces that form a puzzle she doesn’t understand. Her confusion about the past mirrors that of her whole world: they’ve been taught that the empire saved them from destruction, but then why does the empire seem bent on enslaving its own people? They’ve been taught that stories of an ancient war, a terrifying enemy, and a majestic king are all myths — but then why are those who try to learn more about them sabotaged or killed?

When a dying friend shows up at Maggie’s island home bearing proof that the “myths” are not myths at all, but reality — and that the enemy of the ancient days is coming back, and their only hope of stopping him is in finding the King — Maggie agrees to carry the proof to a scholar  on the continent who may be able to help her piece together the truth about her world and the secrets of her own past. Chased by shadow creatures bent on destroying them and reclaiming the proof they carry, Maggie, the Gypsy Nicolas Fisher, and the blind seer Virgina Ramsey journey toward truth, destiny, and revelations that will change their lives forever.

Worlds Unseen is the first book in the Seventh World Trilogy.

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“I fell in love with Worlds Unseen. I finished it with tears in my eyes. It was really touching…and brilliant, and beautiful. The whole thing reminded me of a mix between C.S. Lewis, Ted Dekker, and Diana Wynne Jones, while being wholly different.” – a reader

“Worlds Unseen is wonderful! Rachel is such an artist and paints such beautiful metaphors. I am in awe.” – a reader

“Rachel has a gorgeous, poetic way of putting things that’s incredible and enviable. I love the huge grand scale of things that her world runs on, yet her characters make it personal in such an amazing way.” – a reader

“Riveting storytelling! Rachel is a wonderful storyteller! She weaves her world and characters into life, and it is a joy to spend hours with them. I have not been this engrossed in a book in a long, long time. I had grown weary of reading poorly written books — as I am a librarian for a school I review a lot of them — and so it is especially pleasing to find a gifted author who tells compelling stories. Stories I WANT kids to read, and I know the kids will devour them! The language is beautiful and poetic, not watered-down mash. The themes lift the heart and give joy to the soul! I recommend this books to anyone as a read aloud, for kids 10 to 99!” – Shandra Wiebe

“A new chapter in Christian fantasy novels. Once I started reading this book I quite literally could not stop until I had finished. Worlds Unseen delivers a familiar theme in a completely fresh, surprising and captivating narrative. Worlds Unseen embodies what I appreciate most about a fantasy with a Christian theme; its ability to open the eyes of the reader, through fantastical narrative, to possibilities in the Christian faith previously unexplored or not fully understood.” – Curly WI

“An excellent read, solidly recommended for fantasy readers. In effort to leave the past behind, one may find the future unappealing as well. Maggie Sheffield is an orphan trying to move on from the memories of the past, but through her travels, she finds herself aligned with many unusual characters and the last remnants of a group set on finding what lay beyond the borders of the Empire that held them all. Worlds Unseen is an excellent read, solidly recommended for fantasy readers.” – Midwest Book Review

“A Captivating Fantasy Novel. Rachel, thank you for this story! I am in rather a state of shock (the end-of-an-amazing-read sort of shock) . . . thank you for your well-told story of life and death and tears and growing up, of ashes and newness and the bright, starry thread, of monsters and scoundrels and everyday heroes stepping bravely into battle against evil. Thank you for a picture of worlds unseen, of faith that hopes and believes when the night is dark. Of a King who is coming. Oh, I loved it!

“After reading it for the second time four months later, I found the book just as compelling. The writing is excellent. From the sweeping scale of lands and peoples to the vivid details of small moments, this book shines. The characters are real, each with their own struggles and strengths, and I already love them dearly. Nicholas, the kindhearted Gypsy boy, was probably my favorite character, and I was thrilled to learn that the second book is mainly his story, as the first was Maggie’s.

“As far as Christian fantasy goes, I thought it was beautifully done. Magic glinted from these pages, but when it was used selfishly it was always shown to be bad. The source of the good power was always the King (God), and nothing brought greater joy and comfort and hope than when characters realized He was with them. Nor was there so much direct allegory that it took away from the story, which seems to me to be the other ditch Christian fantasy writers can fall into. Overall, a sense of bittersweet longing pervades the whole book.

“I’m sure I shall be reading this again, as well as recommending it to friends. In the meanwhile, please excuse me while I dive into Book Two – Burning Light.” – Rael, a reader

“Fantasy tale on the quest for the Truth. The themes are universal — good conquering evil, the quest for the Truth, a good king who will return to rule. In this Christian-based fantasy novel, Rachel Starr Thomson introduces us to these themes as we become immersed in the Seventh World where the Blackness rules and a small band of people will fight for the freedom they once knew.

“From the onset, the author easily transported me to a medieval-like world, where I could feel the dampness of the fog at night, smell the earthiness of the underground tunnels, and hear the flapping wings and the eerie cawing of the black ravens enough to conjure images of Hitchcock’s The Birds. The imagery is captivating, and I was plunged into the scenes, walking with them through the dense, thick forest or running through musty, dark tunnels. The action is well paced and vivid as Maggie and Nicolas live through heart-stopping and heart-warming experiences together.

Thomson has weaved a fantastical tale with enough unanswered questions to have us anticipating the second book in this trilogy. The author has cleverly staged the prelude to personal conflicts, and I look forward to joining Maggie and Nicolas again as the journey will undoubtedly continue.” – Laura Fabiani, reviewer

“A Must Read! I first opened the novel Worlds Unseen when our family was visiting friends in southern Ontario for a few days. I read the preface and then shut the book, realizing that if I continued reading, I would be curled up in a corner for the next few days reading, rather than visiting with our friends. I waited until we returned home and then waited until Saturday, when I would have more time to read. I found that my assessment had been accurate; I did not want to put the book down. It is a very good story, well written, and allegorical in some aspects regarding the Truth. It was a good reminder of the reality of the unseen worlds and the battle in which we are engaged. I highly recommend this book. “- Robin Gilman, reader

“I enjoyed Thomson’s allegorical style. She creates a wonderfully realistic fantasy world. Recommended.” – Jill Williamson, Christy-Award-Winning Author of “By Darkness Hid

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